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Dancer trait with cheap rs accounts

I think my follower Qiana is the one I chose to teach the Dancer trait with cheap rs accounts. No problem there, until recently: she never gives the full credit for her counters. For instance, if I send her in a lv90 mission that any other follower will finish with 100%, she gives only ~75%, seems certainly a bug. Anyone else with this problem?

Also, about draenei immortality, maybe there´s something to do with their space travels. You know, the Interstelar movie? Yeah. If folks in Blizz tought about that, maybe they spend that much time traveling, but space-time can be tricky, and who knows which planet years they are following, after all. Argus could be a planet which each year corresponds to an Azerothian week LOL (they could also hibernate while traveling).

On rs accounts reps, needing half (?) the existing factions on Exalted to get Trading Post lv3 was insane (seriously, what use would that 20% bonus on rep gains be?). Also, aside from mounts, those trinkets are really kinda useless considering the amount of work you need to get them. On rep gains on general, Cata I think was the best, tabards got an use at the time, at least, aside from purely aesthetic. I’ve been wondering something along these lines not just with regard to the Draenei, but the whole game world of rs in general: how long is a year? It’s most applicable to the Draenei, b/c, as you say, for all we know, 25k years in this context could mean a much shorter amount of selling runescape accounts time on Azeroth. We know it’s at least 10k Azeroth years, b/c the Burning Legion was already up and running at the time of the War of the Ancients…but then again, are 10k years on Azeroth what we would think of as 10k years? Iono; you run into this kind of thing in fantasy universes like this. Star Wars is kind of the same, the whole “Well, if KotOR took place 4k years before the movies, how come the galaxy hasn’t really advanced at all?” type thing.
100 magic
I don’t see why reps can’t be levelled a number of ways. A certain dungeon applied to a certain rep that makes sense and can only count once a day, where you have the usual rep gains off bosses and mobs. Then you’ve got dailies, not a lot but say 4 paying 250 rep, so 1000 a day. Then you’ve got the world mob grind, with these mobs having a chance to drop items the rep might trade for gains. You can do it one way and slowly get to exalted or do them all for quicker returns, either way but you’ve still got choice and variety.

I’ve got almost all I wanted

I was scrambling to tick off a bit of a bucket list but I’ve got almost all I wanted now. I’ve got one more lockout before my sub lapses and only a couple of little things left to get – I don’t know when or if I’ll be back to the game but I can’t stand leaving a thing undone.

I wanted to complete the Bloodfang set for my rogue (almost done, it’s just the gloves that keep eluding me) and get Hammer of the Naaru for at least one character (done!)
wonderful equipment

I’ve got 90s of every class, but then I decided the spare rogue and priest had to be 90 too. And once you have a priest then it would be a shame not to get cheap runescape gold her the Avatar regalia. Then once I got that, I needed the Absolution as well. Of course the rogue needed the assassination set. And then I got 7 days of free game time on a long-abandoned second account, so I used that time to level up my old 80 shaman. Who needed Ten Storms, which I have except for the shoulders.

Then there was the Bronze Whelpling and I should have learned by now that the Bronze Dragonflight like nothing better than an outrageous time sink. 1000+ kills later, eventually she dropped.

And finally I managed to get nearly every flying mount that I still want for my collection. The red protodrake was the most satisfying because Experienced Drake Rider isn’t easy to brute force even now. The amber one still hits like a soggy piece of toast (seriously, I think the Bronze Dragonflight are trying to turn me into a gibbering wreck) and the chances of getting someone to come along to Oculus are never good, so I made use of my newly 90 extra shaman to dual box it.

And now I’m off on leave of absence until they enable flying in Draenor, or until I decide I want to level up more characters through the 1-90 content (which will probably eventually happen when I can no longer resist the temptation to have Still More Rogues).

Much as I love my protodrakes, they make absolutely ridiculous ground mounts.

The new Guild Wars 2 updates to lion’s arch reverse cosmetic and destroy it


You read that right, guild wars 2 busiest city is now in ruins, to the latest updateof the game, to escape the lion’s arch, to life in February 18, 2014, yesterday.Update 30 and above the player more content, back now besieged lion’s archmore dynamic events and those are the headlines.

Escape from the lion’s arch bring change the game elements into a Teria playernow need to focus on saving refugees from the antagonist of the game, the impact of scarlet, and stop her to find a strong foothold in the city. Save therefugees rewards are random equipment parts, robbery or beneficial to the broad field of lovers.

The new results are also included in the update. They can be opened through the various dynamic events, escort missions and maintenance of the rally pointwere scattered all over the city.

Update and unlock new cosmetic skin called the twelve zodiac armor and a newspinal cord blade projects, can be installed back in your character. A new terminator, is also included in the update, one of the tribal Ascalonian ghost will trample on your opponent’s body in the world and the world to fight.